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Reasons why your iPhone won’t sync with a computer

August 16, 2012

There can be several reasons due to which an iPhone won’t sync with a computer. These range from an old version of iTunes to low battery of the iPhone. With simple troubleshooting, you can diagnose the issues and sync your iPhone with a computer.


The following are the reasons due to which an iPhone won’t sync with a computer and steps to resolve the problems:

iphone with computerAn outdated version of iTunes is installed

You may need to update iTunes if the latest version is not installed. To check for the iTunes updates on a Mac, go to iTunes, and click ‘Check for Updates’. To update iTunes on a Windows-based PC, go to ‘Help’ and click ‘Check for Updates’.

iTunes files are corrupted

If iTunes files are corrupted and the program is not functioning properly, you will have to reinstall the software. On a Windows-based PC, completely uninstall iTunes and reinstall the latest version.

  The iPhone is low on battery

Check the status of your iPhone’s battery. If it’s low, your iPhone won’t sync with a computer. Charge the battery using an AC adapter or connect the phone to the USB of a computer. After the iPhone is sufficiently charged, again try to sync it.

  Wrong USB connection

Check the USB connection linking your iPhone with the computer. Disconnect the iPhone and reconnect it or use a different port. Try using a USB port that is built into the computer instead of making the connection through a port on the keyboard or monitor.

  Third party software conflicts

Your iPhone won’t sync if an antivirus or a security program blocks iTunes from recognizing the phone. You will have to temporarily disable the conflicting software or change the settings to fix the software conflicts. Also, check your computer’s firewall if it’s blocking the detection of the iPhone.


So, if your iPhone won’t sync, just perform these simple troubleshooting steps.

  • Ben

    I have an ipod touch 3rd generation, it will not allow internet access,says no wifi access. and goes to the next screen on its own, randomly clicks on things or types things? Gone wacky?Any suggestions?

  • Dre Adams

    Try easysmartphonesupport,com their support is only $10.00 now

  • Cgucfa

    i have an iphone 4s. when i tap the phone icon voicemail pops up. I can’t get rid of it! HELP

  • Diane

    upgraded to iOS6 from iOS5 on my iPhone4S and suddenly Bluetooth doesn’t communicate with Bluetooth in my car via my Bluetooth headset.

  • Anonymous

    my iphone is disabled it will not let put my passcode

  • john

    your Iyogi tecknition was a surprise visitor as I had called my HP tecknicisn and was not aware of the tie-in
    with you. He warned me cot to call my usual technicians. This should have alerted me. He spent a total of five hour screwing up my machine—Computer— and I expect a total refund of my money. He left without my being able to print anything or use the computer.. Very disturbing to say the leas.. Please reply and take care of the refund. john laituri

  • Jakebrycesrock

    my iphone3g wont charge. it reagonizes when the charger is connected but wont charfe

  • Hermandynamic

    Why don’t we get a manual with the purchase of this phone? I need to recharge the battery it does not seem to be charging.

  • Gerry Wordehoff

    My iPhone 3gs won’t sync on Win XP or Win 8. Charged the phone, uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled. Tried on both XP (usb 2.0) and new windows 8 computer (usb 3.0). Tried different usb ports. No go.

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