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How to fix the iPhone sync error 50

August 16, 2012

Iphone synk error

iPhone sync error 50 (or -50) can occur when you try to update or restore your iPhone with iTunes. The update or restore process ends when the “Error 50” or “Error -50” message is displayed. The first step to troubleshoot the iPhone sync error 50 is to update iTunes. On a Mac, go to iTunes, and click ‘Check for Updates’. If any updates are available, download and install them. For iTunes installed on a Windows-based PC, go to iTunes Help and click ‘Check for Updates’. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the error could have been caused by a wrong USB connection or third party software conflicts.

Follow the steps given below to fix the iPhone sync error 50 (or -50):

USB troubleshooting

  1. Connect the iPhone directly to a high power USB port on the computer. USB ports on the keyboard or the display offer low power connections which can lead to syncing errors.
  2. If the above step isn’t helpful, disconnect all the USB devices linked to your computer but don’t remove the mouse and keyboard. Again connect your phone to the computer and check if the iPhone sync error 50 has been resolved.
  3. You can also restart your iPhone and the computer and re-sync them.Third party software conflicts
  4. The antivirus or security software installed on your computer must be updated. Check for updates and ensure that the latest version of the antivirus is being used.
  5. Check the security software’s settings. The program should be configured to allow iTunes to connect to the servers of Apple. If the antivirus has blocked iTunes, the iPhone sync error 50 may occur.
  6. The security softwarewill have to be temporarily disabled if it’s not compatible with iTunes. After you have synced your iPhone, and the restoration or updation is completed, enable the security software.
  7. By implementing these steps, you can troubleshoot the iPhone sync error 50.

Note: “Error (-50)” may also be displayed when timeout occurs while trying to access the iTunes Store. To fix this, temporarily disable iTunes Store through the Parental Controls option in iTunes.

  • John

    Also try putting in the freezer 30-60min if all else fails

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