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Tips to fix the slow iPhone sync problem

August 16, 2012

Iphone synk problemIt’s quite easy to sync an iPhone with a computer through iTunes. Usually the syncing is fast and is without any glitches. However, sometimes you may face slow iPhone sync problems due to various factors. Slow iPhone sync issues may be caused by an older version of iTunes installed on your computer or a corrupted app on the phone. Here are some tips to ensure that your iPhone syncs smoothly.

Install the latest version of iTunes

Check whether iTunes installed on your Mac or PC needs to be updated. For iTunes on a Mac, go to iTunes, and click ‘Check for Updates’. For iTunes installed on a PC with Windows, go to ‘Help’ and click ‘Check for Updates’. After updating iTunes, try to again sync your iPhone with the computer.

Slow iPhone sync over Wi-Fi

With the introduction of iOS 5, an iPhone can be synced using a wireless connection. However, when you try to transfer large amount of data by syncing the iPhone over Wi-Fi, the speed may sometimes be relatively slow as compared to a USB connection. In such cases, music and movies can be synced through a USB connection.

Slow iPhone sync problems caused by apps

The syncing will be slow if an app is using a large amount of storage space on the iPhone. Some apps such as news readers and social networking programs save a lot of data on the phone. This can result in slow syncing. Unsync the apps one by one and try to find the program that’s causing the problem. By doing this, you will also be able to find if there’s an app which is corrupted.

iPhone backup issues

Every time you sync your iPhone, a backup is created on the computer. If there’s lot of information on the phone, it will take longer to complete the backup. So, it’s recommended to delete unnecessary data from your iPhone. Users should also delete the old backups on the computer that are outdated.

With these tips, you will be able to resolve the slow iPhone sync problems.

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  • Bimowrer60

    I cannot connect to the itunes store to get the latest updates. “make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active” I have restored, I have deleted and reloaded. Been working on since 3/12/12!
    off an on. Got back from Best buy they blamed everything thing on XP Please can you help or tell me where to find help

  • Ggaudett1

    I still camt get anything on my i phone just an apple or a picture of i tunes once in awhile with a music sign on top annd a cable pointing up to it , please help

  • Rarvon

    I am having the same problem! It happened when I attempted to upload the new operating system!!!!!!

  • Richard

    It did not work I try 5 times

  • DeVon

    My contacts keep coming and going. Sometimes I turn on my IPhone 4 and all my contacts are there other times I turn on my IPhone and only the “A’s, B’s and C’s” are there. What is going on? I have restarted my compute and IPhone numerous times.

  • Doug

    can a CD be installed on an I Phone?

  • Doug

    Can a CD be installed on an I Phone?
    The CD’s download to my computer They will not “drag & drop” to the phone.
    Tried “Cut&paste” tried “Sync” been working on this for hours now, I’v tried everythying.

  • Aarohijov

    hw i unlock my iphone 4 ? where / hw much they charge?my at& t service going to unlock ?

  • Mayurpatel_2688

    hey my iphone 3gs is has sync problem

  • Dominic12345

    My iphone will not sink when i plug my cable into my pc



  • smith

    every time I try to back up my iphone to itunes it says it cant do it as “phone disconnected.. whats up??

  • edwards

    I synced my photos on to an I phone 4 They are in a file called albums I wish to delete them . Help me!!

  • Patti

    How do I find out what my Apple password is? I forgot it

  • Jegan

    Displayed message ‘iPhone is disabled
    Connect to iTunes

    But i can’t connect to itunes

  • Chris

    By mistake, I put my camera storage card into the disc slot on my computer instead of the card slot. Is there a way to remove it or do i need to have my computer taken apart to get it out? Help!

  • Jegan

    Isn’t support iOS7 for iPhone3gs

  • Mark Heppler

    I am still unable to synch – “Finishing sync” ad infinitum. New crappy version of iTunes is the problem.

  • Rachel

    My iphone won’t let me hear when receiving a text message.What is wrong?


    Pease use the data cable that was in the box of your iPhone


    click it thrice to reset or restore

  • cavin stewart

    iphone blank out

  • Crystal Dawn Savard

    I bought a new HP computer and I am having problems playing my itunes music on my computer. It says that it is not authorized by my computer. What should I do to fix this problem?

  • Sam

    What are the steps to transfer all of the data from an older iPhone 4s to a new iPhone 5s?
    I only have one sim card at the moment.

  • Gstone@R2bees

    My iphone refused to start after i have done factory reset

  • Corinne Wilson

    my new iphone will not let me connect to itunes or the app store

  • Faye

    What would make all my phone numbers disappear?

  • disco64

    How do i make room on my Iphone 5c it says i’m out of storage room or data?

  • Kim

    I’m using an iPhone 4s on straight talk yet for some reason I can’t get a signal & Ive never had problems before

  • Digger

    I’ve had a problem too with many, not all, of my contact phone numbers disappearing. Did you find out anything about this problem

  • Wendy Phillips

    When trying to back-up my Iphone to my Toshiba laptop, its not downloading all my photos and who knows what else? It is possible it won’t sync if my laptop is older? Thank you.

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